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  • Completed Form G (PDF, 84.2 KB) must be signed by both parties and witnessed/signed and stamped by a Magistrate/Justice of the Peace/Notary Public/Commissioner of Oaths in Dominica or by a Notary Public in home country
  • Original or notarized copy of:
    • Birth certificate
    • Non-marriage certificate or affidavit attesting to the marriage status of applicants
    • Decree absolute in case of divorce
    • Marriage and death certificates if widowed
  • Deed poll if name has been changed
  • Notarized letter of parental consent for applicants below the age of 18
  • Authenticated translation of any required documents which are not in English
  • In the case of non-residents opting for the two day residency, passport must be presented for inspection and copies of the bio page and page with date of entry are required for records
  • Recent passport sized photo of each applicant
  • $7.50 postage stamps to be affixed to application form.
  • Fees are applicable as follows:
    • Licence application fee: EC$300.00
    • Additional fee for licence granted under section 39 (2) where applicants do not meet the two (2) day residency requirement: EC$200.00
    • Weekend or public holiday processing fee: EC$204.00

Please note:

  • All documents which are not original must be notarized or certified by approved authority
  • All documents will be kept for the Ministry's records. Therefore persons who wish to have their documents returned should provide copies along with the originals
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