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Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide emergency  shelter  in a safe environment for children and young people  in need of care and protection.


CHANCES aims to provide a caring, nurturing and loving environment in order that children/young people maximize their full potential.


In order to foster love, accountability, responsibility, self-esteem, independent living and learning, CHANCES works toward the under-mentioned objectives:

  • To meet the short term accommodation needs of children and young persons who had been in an abusive environment or other at risk situations.
  • To create an environment where stability, consistency and success is possible and probable for all children and young people
  • To create a safe, secure and non-threatening environment where children and young people are assisted to address certain challenges in their lives
  • To ensure that the needs of children and young people are met in accordance to the care/service plan
  • To improve the survival and life skills of children/young people and empower them to live comfortably within their family and society
  • To build rapport and encourage children and young people to participate in decision-making on issues of change, development and their own emotional needs
  • To work as a unified team for the progress and development of children /young persons in order to develop and promote their spiritual, emotional, social, educational, physical and cultural needs
  • To work within the boundaries of Dominica Child Care Legislation and International Conventions
  • To work closely with the Social Welfare Division in the care and protection of children and young people
  • To provide a variety of different  strategies to support and assist children and young people to cope with the loss of and separation from their families
  • To allow each individual the space and opportunity that will enable them to explore issues relating to their development and understanding
  • To work closely with children, young people and their families in the hope that they may be reunited and in the event that this is not possible, to facilitate their transition into foster care or adoption
  • To work in partnership with the community and professional organizations to provide holistic care for children and young people.

For more information, see the attached information booklet (PDF 648 KB).


Contact Information:

Jimmit Highway
c/o Ministry of Social Services, Community Development and Gender Affairs
1st Floor, Government Headquarters
Commonwealth of Dominica

Tel: 1 (767) 449 0720 / 1 (767) 266 2250/ 22252

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