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Mission Statement

To develop partnerships with communities, Community Based Organisations and Local Authorities in providing community needs, professional leadership and facilitation services through a process of community empowerment.

Vision Statement

The Department of Local Government and Community Development is the premier regional provider of information advice and facilitation services in Local Government and Community Development 


The key functions of the Department includes, providing oversight and supervision to Local Authorities Island wide. There are forty-two (42) Local Authorities, the Roseau City Council, the Portsmouth Town Council, the Canefield Urban Council, the Carib Council and thirty-eight (38) Village Councils. The Local Authorities are charged with the good governance of their municipalities and or village district. The well decentralized Local Government System is supported by the Field Officers in each of the Local Government Districts.

Currently, the Local Government System is being revisited with the express purpose of enacting legislation that will allow Local Government practitioners to effectively implement adaptable strategies.

Another main area of focus for the Department is Disaster Management. The Department is mandated by law to ensure that communities are in a state of readiness. The Department’s Field Staff facilitates the establishment of disaster preparedness committees, the identification of Emergency Shelters and the necessary personnel and provide training for the numerous volunteers within the system. Local Authority personnel are generally the first responders following an event or (disaster).

In the area of the preservation and promotion of Dominica’s Cultural Heritage the Department’s Field Staff in collaboration with the Cultural Division works with community groups and individuals bridging the cultural divide through the various dances and other art forms. Successful staging of cultural shows is the basis for the desired results and for the work done during the National Independence Celebrations. Emphasis is placed on teaching and coaching young children at an early age hence targeting schools. It must be note that teaching and of the traditional dances are critical areas of focus.

In addition to the promotion and preservation of the island’s cultural heritage and during the National Independence Celebration activities, emphasis is placed on civic duty of residents in the beautification and clean up and overall environment management. National Day of Community Service as it is called is a best practice where numerous Community Based Organisations (CBOs), individuals, private sector, public sector, civil society and faith based organizations engage in the implementation of small projects on the day November 4th every year. The overall objective is to enhance the communities’ physical image thus improving living condition of citizens.

It is paramount that the socio economic well-being of community residents be addressed, hence the local economic development strategy being implemented through the decentralized Local Government System in Dominica.

There is potential for growth and sustainability in and within communities for strengthening and in some cases establishing micro medium and small business under the Caribbean Local Economic Development initiative “CARILED” with assistance from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities in partnership with international and regional organizations and institutions including the Caribbean Association of Local Government Authorities (CALGA), Local Authorities in the Caribbean region will be supported; so they intern can broaden the economic base of communities by creating jobs, reducing poverty and sustaining livelihoods through enterprise development.

In light of the above, the Department of Local Government and Community Development will continue to coordinate activities in partnership with Local Authorities and other Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and entrepreneurs.

Aims and Objectives

The Department of Local Government and Community Development seeks to promote Local Government, good governance, strengthening the capacity of Community Based Organizations, create the enabling environment for job creation, preserve Dominica’s cultural heritage sustain, positive community leadership in the planning and implementation of National Independence activities, assist CBOs in implementing Infrastructural development projects and ensure that communities are in a state of readiness to deal with disaster situations (Disaster Management)


Contact Information

Local Government Division
High Street
Commonwealth of Dominica

Phone: 1 (767) 266 3909/3910
 Fax: 1 (767) 448 4717

Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Co-operative Development Division of Dominica has been in operation for over 50 years.

Its primary purpose is to develop, advance and protect co-operative enterprise. The Division's legislative and regulatory success is reflected in the power of co-operative businesses in the Dominica economy. The Division recognises that there is strength in solid and sound legal, financial and structural framework for co-operatives bearing in mind that though a co-operative is a business like any other business it differs in several important ways:

  • Co-operatives are owned and democratically controlled by its members and not by outside investors
  • Members elect their board of directors from within the membership
  • Surpluses are shared proportionate to the individual members use of the co-operative
  • Co-operatives are not motivated mainly by profit but by service to meet the member's needs.

Explore at your leisure and as you will, this carefully constructed website dedicated to salute and honour those who have taken up the co-operative challenge and also to create greater public awareness, interest and support for the vital role that the diversity found in the multiplicity of co-operative businesses brings to the national productivity drive.

For more info, please visit their website at http://cooperative.gov.dm

Our Responsibility:

The Bureau of Gender Affairs within the Ministry of Social Services, Community Development And Gender Affairs seeks to promote and advance the concerns of women and gender issues to assist women and men in realizing their full potential through the attainment of gender equity and equality.


The Gender Bureau representing the interest of women and men at the governmental level ensures that policies, plans and programmes are in place to achieve improvement in the status of women and men and carries out its mandate in collaboration with government and non-government organizations.


A more gender friendly society, which recognizes the differences and similarities between women and men, boys and girls, reflected in the acquisition of equal access to resources, opportunities and benefits for the realisation of the full potential of all citizens in national development based on the principles of equality, justice and peace.


The Bureau of Gender Affairs is the national machinery within the Ministry of Social Services, Community Development and Gender Affairs responsible for the administration of women affairs and gender issues. 
An Advisory Committee appointed by the Honourable Minister of Social Services, Community Development and Gender Affairs advises on policy and plans which is implemented by the Bureau. 



In keeping with a global response to a call by the United Nations for integration of women in development, the Women’s Bureau was established first as a Women’s desk in 1980 with a staff of one—the Director.  It gradually grew to become the Women’s Bureau and is currently staffed by six.  During its existence it shifted location from Community Development and Social Affairs in Economic Development Unit in Prime Minister’s Office in 1989-1991 and back to Community Development and Women’s Affairs.  It also went through some periods of dormancy during this process but was revitalized in 1997 under a new Director. In September 2009 the Women’s Bureau was renamed the Bureau of Gender Affairs.

More information is available from our information brochure (PDF 167kb).


Contact Information:

The  Bureau of Gender Affairs
The Globe Building
106 Independence Street, Roseau
Commonwealth of Dominica
 Telephone: 1 (767) 266- 3023/3344/3083
 Fax:  1 (767) 448 7855
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mission Statement

Continued efficient service to clients for greater self-sufficiency and improved quality of life.

Vision Statement

To undertake programmes and activities which are tailored at developing a more preventative approach.

Division's Programmes

The Social Welfare Division in its role as a family services entity continues to discharge its responsibilities to families and institutions, and fulfil its mandate through many varied programmes.

  1. Public Assistance – To provide financial aid to persons classified as being indigent and casual relief in emergency situations.
  2. Probation – Rehabilitation work with juvenile and young offenders.
  3. Child Care – Providing a safe environment for children whose families cannot provide adequate care through foster care, adoption, child abuse prevention and assistance to children with behavioural problems.
  4. Care for the Aged – Facilitating entry into institutions and also supervision of Government-sponsored Homes.
  5. Migrant Services – Maintaining contact with the relatives of Dominicans who reside overseas and receiving remittances on their behalf.
  6. Counselling Services – Providing counselling to children, adults and families with various problems.
  7. Miscellaneous Welfare – To provide relief to victims of disasters. To provide various types of services in a broad range of areas such as education, housing needs, burials, victims of disasters, etc.
  8. Overseas Inter-Agency Collaboration – Liaising with overseas Agencies on social work issues.
Contact Person for Programmes
Public Assistance Mr. Martin Anthony
Chief Welfare Officer
1 (767) 266-3019
Probation Mr. Leroy Morvan
Welfare Officer
1 (767) 266-3334
Child Care
-Foster Care
-Child Abuse Prevention
Miss Jemma Azille
Coordinator (Ag.), Child Abuse Prevention  Unit
1 (767) 266-3020
Counseling Services/Assistance to Children with Behavioral Problems Mr. Oliver Wallace
1 (767) 266-3302
Care of the Aged Mrs. Delia Stedman
Welfare Officer
1 (767) 266-3302
Migrant Services Miss Anestin Baron
Wefare Officer (Ag.)
1 (767) 266-3502
Miscellaneous Welfare Miss Roanna Joseph
1 (767) 266-3080
Overseas Inter-Agency  Collaboration Mr. Martin Anthony
Chief Welfare Officer
1 (767) 266-3019

List of boards/committees under the supervision of the Ministry

  1. National Emblems Committee
  2. Independence Committee
  3. Committee for the Convention of the Rights of the Child
  4. Basic Needs Trust Fund Project Steering Committee
  5. Committee for the Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
  6. Yes We Care National Advisory Committee
  7. Board of Directors  of CHANCES
  8. Board of Directors of Dominica Infirmary
  9. Board of Directors of Workshop for the Disabled


Key Contact Information

Assistant Secretary 1 (767) 266 3250 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Senior Executive Officer/Accounts 1 (767) 266 3251 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Executive Officer Personnel 1 (767) 266 3417 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Votes Clerk 1 (767) 266 3207 / 3412  
PS/Secretary 1 (767) 266 3249 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Minister’s Secretary 1 (767) 266 3205 social This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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