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The Application form (blank) can be downloaded here, filled out and returned to the Welfare Division on Great Malbourough Street.

The Welfare Division has established relationships with Government and voluntary Social Work Agencies abroad through its Interagency Collaboration Programme. Social Inquiry Reports have been conducted and submitted to overseas Agencies to assist in assessing the status of nationals and non-nationals. Other enquiries for example maintenance and other Court-related matters have also been undertaken on behalf of those Agencies.


  1. Contact made with overseas Agencies
  2. Ongoing liaising with Agencies

The objective of counseling is to provide therapeutic services to children and dysfunctional families. Counselors in the Division provide that service.


  1. Referral from Court or individual/family themselves
  2. Counsellor gives appointment
  3. Ongoing counselling sessions

The Division has been providing assistance in numerous areas to persons who are in need.

  1. Educational assistance is given to persons or families who are unable to provide educational needs such as uniforms, textbooks, etc. to their children.
  2. Housing assistance or Assistance to fire victims is given to persons who are not financially able to repair/build their homes on their own.
  3. Burial assistance is given to persons who are not financially able to bury their family on their own. Assistance is given with the provision of a coffin and/or the digging of the hole.


  1. Application for miscellaneous services made at the Welfare Division
  2. Investigation done by Welfare Officer
  3. Reports done by Welfare Officer with recommendation and submitted to Chief Welfare Officer for further submission to respective Ministry

Migrant Service is a system whereby certain clients request that contact be made with relatives who reside overseas on pertinent matters. The Migrant Service also includes locating relatives of non-nationals, and conducting Social Enquiry Reports and receiving remittances on their behalf. Attempts have also been made to forge relationships between children and their migrant parents.


  1. Report made at Office
  2. Welfare Officer makes contact with Agency or individual overseas
  3. Remittances received at Welfare Division on behalf of children/families
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