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Mission Statement

Continued efficient service to clients for greater self-sufficiency and improved quality of life.

Vision Statement

To undertake programmes and activities which are tailored at developing a more preventative approach.

Division's Programmes

The Social Welfare Division in its role as a family services entity continues to discharge its responsibilities to families and institutions, and fulfil its mandate through many varied programmes.

  1. Public Assistance – To provide financial aid to persons classified as being indigent and casual relief in emergency situations.
  2. Probation – Rehabilitation work with juvenile and young offenders.
  3. Child Care – Providing a safe environment for children whose families cannot provide adequate care through foster care, adoption, child abuse prevention and assistance to children with behavioural problems.
  4. Care for the Aged – Facilitating entry into institutions and also supervision of Government-sponsored Homes.
  5. Migrant Services – Maintaining contact with the relatives of Dominicans who reside overseas and receiving remittances on their behalf.
  6. Counselling Services – Providing counselling to children, adults and families with various problems.
  7. Miscellaneous Welfare – To provide relief to victims of disasters. To provide various types of services in a broad range of areas such as education, housing needs, burials, victims of disasters, etc.
  8. Overseas Inter-Agency Collaboration – Liaising with overseas Agencies on social work issues.
Contact Person for Programmes
Public Assistance Mr. Martin Anthony
Chief Welfare Officer
1 (767) 266-3019
Probation Mr. Leroy Morvan
Welfare Officer
1 (767) 266-3334
Child Care
-Foster Care
-Child Abuse Prevention
Miss Jemma Azille
Coordinator (Ag.), Child Abuse Prevention  Unit
1 (767) 266-3020
Counseling Services/Assistance to Children with Behavioral Problems Mr. Oliver Wallace
1 (767) 266-3302
Care of the Aged Mrs. Delia Stedman
Welfare Officer
1 (767) 266-3302
Migrant Services Miss Anestin Baron
Wefare Officer (Ag.)
1 (767) 266-3502
Miscellaneous Welfare Miss Roanna Joseph
1 (767) 266-3080
Overseas Inter-Agency  Collaboration Mr. Martin Anthony
Chief Welfare Officer
1 (767) 266-3019
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