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The Ministry comprises of the following Divisions. The present roles and responsibilities of the various Divisions within the Ministry are outlined as follows:-

  • The Division of Co-operatives has responsibility for the regulation, supervision, registration, promotion and development of Cooperative enterprises. (Supervision and regulation of Credit Unions is shared with the Financial Services Unit (FSU), (Ministry of Finance)
  • The Local Government Department is the core government department responsible for social and community development.  Its main purpose is the promotion of local government bodies and through them and other community based organizations, to provide access to resources for participation in social and economic development programmes.
  • The Social Welfare Division exists primarily to safeguard people against human degradation emanating from poverty, old age, mental and physical disability and other forms of misfortune.  It protects the interest of the most vulnerable groups, such as abused and neglected children and offers remedial services.
  • The Bureau of Gender Affairs is responsible for the Administration of Women’s Affairs and Gender issues and the creation of the necessary framework for gender mainstreaming, gender equity and equality. 
  • The Adult Education Division seeks to improve the literacy and numeracy skills of the adult population, to develop human resources and to promote activities aimed at life-long learning for self reliance and improved prospects for employment in basic skills..
  • The Administration & Policy Formulation Unit has responsibility for effective co-ordination of the operation of the various Divisions/Units of the Ministry and to provide general management support within a realistic policy framework. It is also responsible for overseeing the implementation of the Yes We Care Programme, a programme aimed at bringing care to the housebound elderly, Chances and BNTF.
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